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Lumbar Traction Device

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Have you suffered from annular tears or herniated discs in the l4l5 region of your back? You don't need us to tell you that it's excruciatingly painful and takes a long time to recover from.

L4L5 Pain Relief

This, of course, is not meant as medical advice, but because of personal use and success, we have decided to offer the Lumbar Traction Device here to help other sufferers of back pain.

The goal of spinal traction is to create more space between the l4l5 vertebrae in order to release pressure and reduce pain. This innovative and FDA approved lumbar traction device provides natural, safe, and effective back pain relief with heated therapy and electric air pressure traction.

This device is a passive form of therapy

This means it does the work for you. It is timed for 15 minutes of therapy with several modes to choose from. Each mode combines a combination of massage, heat, and elevation, and you can manually adjust the therapy as well. 

You simply lie down on the ergonomic device at the lumbar region of your back. Depending on the mode you choose, the airbag located at the bottom of the device inflates and deflates frequently to provide effective spinal traction. The combination of heat and vibration causes the muscles to relax for maximum traction effect. Relief is felt after your first 15 minutes of therapy.

1.Infrared light and heated therapy
2.Adjustable temperature levels (Low/Medium/High)
3.Powerful vibration motors massage on 2 sides
4.Includes one electromagnetic chip

The default therapy time is set to 15 minutes, and the device will shut off automatically. We suggest not to use more than 30 minutes at each session, but two or more sessions a day will achieve excellent relief for the pain of herniated discs, annular tears, and muscle pain in the l4l5 region.