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HBP® Hand & Grip Sanitizer

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Keep your HandBand Pro® grips as good as new! Our clean scent instant sanitizer is a quick and convenient way to clean the grips of your HandBand Pro® before and after a high intensity workout. 

Be sure to wash your hands real well (with a NON-moisturizing soap) to remove any oils or lotions from your hands before you put on your HandBand Pro® handbands. Our HBP Hand Sanitizer is a great way to quickly remove oily residue from your hands before your workout when soap and running water are not available. This reduces the amount of sweat on your hands during your workout.

  • Removes chalk, oil and lotions
  • Keeps hands free of germs 
  • Cleans HandBand Pro® grips like new

 These are the first prototypes I used for 11 months!