OMEGA HandBands by HandBand Pro® PREVENT blisters/rips!

HandBand Pro® OMEGA

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HandBand Pro® Official Size HandBand Pro® OMEGA handbands PREVENT blisters and rips and offer unmatched comfort, grip, versatility and protection with total hand freedom!  

Our patented, one-piece design increases grip and reduces the friction that causes your hands to fatigue and tear during intense training.

With adjustable padding on the palm (2mm or 4mm), these handbands are perfect for Crossfit, weight training, OCR, and calisthenics, and they are easy to put on and take off - without anything to attach - and they STAY PUT.   

Sold as a pair and available in many colors and two adjustable sizes, OMEGA handbands are the ULTIMATE in comfort, versatility, grip, and protection!



See the slits on each side of the grip and also on the inner band? They are finger slits. Think of them like you do training wheels on a bike. Just like training wheels are not necessary for the bike to fully function, the finger slits do not need to be used to gain the full benefits of HandBand Pro®. 

Inner Band – for a minimal grip: Put both your pinky and your pointer fingers through the holes – or just one or the other, or none!

Outer Band – for more cushiony grip: Put ONLY your pinkie OR your pointer finger through. Not both – that will create a large gap between your hand and the band, and that just won’t work.

How to customize HandBand Pro® finger slits

The finger slits are pre-cut just a half an inch so that you can customize them to the perfect fit for you. Just take a pair of sharp scissors and snip a tiny bit (like 1mm!) at a time until it's comfortable for you. 

You may need to cut both the inner and out bands.

Remember that the bands s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Don't overdo it! You don't want a big gaping hole!


What's the Main Difference between OMEGA and HandBand Pro® Original handbands?

  • Adjustable thickness of material on palm (2mm or 4mm)
  • Finger slits on outer band and inner band for versatile, custom fit
  • More ways to customize the fit
No need for full hand coverage or the bulk that traps sweat and causes blisters. Versatile and effective, our patented OMEGA handbands feature a rugged, natural grip right where you need it.         Intact skin is the most important barrier of protection you have against infection. A break in the skin can allow direct exposure of your body to microorganisms. HandBand Pro® not only protects your hands from blistering and ripping, but it also creates a barrier between your hands and the equipment you share with others.       Tired of bulky, sweat-trapping gloves, sticky tape and messy chalk? Our breathable, high-performance, antimicrobial handbands offer total hand freedom and a natural grip so that you can focus on what's important - results.      
  • Prevents blisters and rips

  • Effective one-piece construction 

  • Eliminates the need for chalk, tape and gloves

  • Creates a strong, natural, no-bulk grip

  • Comfortable total hand freedom

  • Versatile custom fit

  • Anti-fatigue, no-slip grip

  • Increased performance due to less downtime

  • Simple on and off - nothing to attach

  • Constructed of durable, high-performance, moisture-absorbing, anti-microbial fabric

  • Slide them to wrists between sets

  • Washable -  clean and green

  • Durable - average life span of 1 year!

Hard Work Required - Ripped Hands Optional PATENT PENDING 


What's the Difference Between the Grips? compare handband pro grips


Sizing is Simple!     

handbandpro omega official size  

 handbandpro omega elite petite

hand measurement for HandBand Pro

OFFICIAL SIZE fits most hands. They are easily adjustable for a great fit, and even small hands do well with them.

ELITE PETITE size is specially created for very small hands. If your hand measures a lot less than 2 inches in width between the crook of the thumb and the base of the fingers (callus line), and less than 3 inches in width (across the palm) our ELITE PETITE size may be for you.

It is important that the top edge of the grip covers your callus line but not the lower part of your fingers.

My hand measures 2 inches between the crook of the thumb and the base of the fingers (callus line). While I can wear both sizes effectively, but I prefer to wear the OFFICIAL size. Notice how the top of the grip on the Official size is still below the base of my fingers and along the callus line. 


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