Feels like a Natural Grip - HandBand Pro® SECONDSKIN Feels like a Natural Grip - HandBand Pro® SECONDSKIN


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Gain the Grip - Control the Rip!

Our SECONDSKIN version of HandBand Pro® is quick, super-effective protection that feels most like a natural grip - but without the blisters and rips! And without the worry of misplacing them. 

The kinesiology band of SECONDSKIN is heat activated, which molds the grip completely to the contour of your hand for a comfortable, like second-skin fit.

Created for single use, but durable enough for a few!




SECONDSKIN is fully recyclable. Please don't throw them in the trash! In fact, consider getting the HandBand Pro® Grip Kit to prolong the life of your grips!

Say good-bye to gloves, pads and chalk, and seriously - say goodbye to ripped hands!



  • Wash your hands of dirt, moisture, oils and lotion using a non-moisturizing soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer before applying grips.
  • Remove paper backing slowly from band and place grip onto the palm of open hand (under base of the fingers) and press.
  • Press the ends of the tape to the back of the hand.
  • Press and rub the tape gently to generate a bit of heat to activate the adhesive and to create the perfect fit.

You'll be able to get several uses out the SECONDSKIN, and even when the tape doesn't feel sticky, once you put it on and create a bit of heat friction, it will stick again. When it's completely lost it's stick it's time for a new pair. Subscribe for automatic, timely delivery, and you'll never run out!

  • Prevents blisters and rips

  • Excellent Grip right where you need 
  • Forms to your hand to create the perfect custom fit

  • Effective one-piece construction 

  • Eliminates the need for chalk and gloves

  • Creates a strong, natural, no-bulk grip

  • Comfortable total hand freedom

  • Anti-fatigue, no-slip grip

  • Increased performance due to less downtime

  • Simple on and off - nothing to attach

  • Constructed of medical-grade, heat activated kinesiology tape and our durable, high-performance grip

  • Multiple Uses

  • Recyclable

HandBand Pro® SECONDSKIN comes in one size. They will most likely be great fit right out of the package, but they are easily trimmed, if necessary. Check for a good fit before you remove the paper backing. Use sharp scissors to trim the band for the perfect width and length for you.



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