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What's TAK?

TAK is TODAY's ASS KICKIN! It's the workout of the day. TAK will burn fat and sculpt really lean muscles. We are going to build muscle and burn fat by doing functional fitness exercises, basic bodybuilding exercises with weights (without if you're just beginning), and cardio. 

It's a fast-paced, intense and focused 30 - 55 minute workout that involves all you've got! Each TAK is a series of exercises that focuses on specific muscle groups. Each exercise of TAK uses functional movements and core stability and burns 500-700 calories. You'll increase strength, lose fat, tone your body, and improve flexibility, balance, and posture. 


 (We are using our HandBand Pro® - always!)

TAK workouts include push ups, pull ups, kettlebell moves, squats, box jumps, burpees, and traditional weight lifting exercises, among others. Don't be afraid. Even if you're new to exercising, you can do TAK. There are modifications to the exercises, and every TAK is based on your ability. You will start without weight and add it as you get stonger.

Though pull ups are a core TAK exercise, you will start out doing jumping reverse pull ups, then move to jumping pull ups, then eventually to kipping pull ups. Either way, you'll be working the right muscles!

The awesome thing about TAK is that you can do it anywhere. You don't have to join a gym because TAK is a LIFESTYLE, and the idea is to fit it into YOUR life! Do it at home with a friend. Buy a few pieces of equipment and create a space in your home, garage, or back yard!

The equipment needed for TAK is minimal, as we use as dumbbells, barbells, pull up bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, boxes, and TRX Trainers. The money you spend on equipment will be less than you'd spend on a gym membership and the money and time you'd spend driving there, PLUS it's an investment in your health!

If your goal is fat loss and you're working at Calorie Deficit Level, you may want to start with the a 30/30 Challenge - 30 days of 30 minute AMRAP workouts (You will just skip the cardio bursts in between sets.) You can find this challenge on the TAK APP on your mobile device. It's motivating and fun to get a small group to do this together!  

If you're in your Calorie Maintenance Level, you might want to start with the 42 DAYS OF TAK challenge where you'll increase the weight and burn more fat and build strong, lean muscles.

To gain muscle, the next challenge is the HST8 hypertropy-specific 8 week training program. Lifting heavier and building muscle will change your body quickly.

Mission 28 - is a 28 day FULL BODY challenge.

All of these programs are free and complete on the TAK Fitness app.

What Equipment Do I Need?