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Past Sponsorships

RC Smith 

Tiffany Kilby of The Behavior Station 9/18/15

I am a disabled student who will be graduating this Dec and hoping to get off disability and work hard for my family. I have two children who have the same genetic disabilities that I have. I am also married to a wonderful disabled veteran who has done so much for me. I volunteer much of my time at my church in our women's ministry. I advocate for disabled people, military and veterans. I train service dogs and help owner trainers who need it at little to no cost. (this business has allowed me to do this where ever we were stationed). I utilize a wheelchair and crutches as well as my own service dog. Having these types of hand coverings would be so beneficial in the heat. My rims get so hot.

Andrea Davis Tiffany Kilby of The Behavior Station 9/18/15

Hi, my name is Andrea. I am a 24 year old who recently became paralyzed and and use a wheelchair full time to get around. I was and am a active person and a big part of that is my hands. I VERY quickly learned that pushing all day everyday tears up my hands. I haven't found gloves that fit well with a grip to help my push and without gloves I tear the skin off my hands. I would love to try a pair of handBand Pro's to increase my ability to live my life push by push.

Stacy Klostermann

 Anna Beideman 9/29/15

I have syringomyelia, arachnoiditis, and Mitochondrial disease. Between them, they suddenly paralyzed me and I've been in a wheelchair ever since. I went from walking one day to not being able to the next with no accident causing it. I also am on a ventilator as you can see because of respiratory distress and hypoxia requiring oxygen at night. I try and inspire and help others both with the diseases I have and without. I try and give all my suffering a purpose. It helps deal with it this way and makes it be not as bad as it really is. I appreciate the chance to have a sponsor for this. My hands rip open and Crack as everyone in a chair knows I'm sure. Thank you so much.

Christena Mayo

 Anna Beideman 9/29/15 

I'm a mother of two. And a wife of a veteran. I use my wheelchair to get everywhere since we do not have a car. My doctors believe i have a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and a type of Dysautonomia. I can't use gloves , because i can't grip my rims right, and without gloves, my hands get burn in this New Mexico heat. I use my chair 75% of the time during the day. And Handbands would help me so very much. Thanks!


Priscilla Cash

 Sem Brys 9/7/15

I'm a wife of a soldier and a mother of a darling 2.5 year old little boy. I'm owned by an elderly Eyore-personality Collie, and recently brought home my service dog prospect puppy, a Standard Poodle named Seiko! (He's the little guy in the picture.) I've had to move to part-time wheelchair use for mobility and endurance issues. I decided that staying home on the couch and missing out on so much of my son's growing up was no longer an option. With my wheelchair now, I can get out with my son, go exploring and go on more of the adventures that little boys love. This means the world to me. A pair of hand band pro's would be great for using with my chair to keep blisters and burns at bay and continue to give me the ability to engage fully in life with my son and in my community! Thank you!

Bethany Spencer

 Tiffany Kilby of The Behavior Station 9/18/15

I am a fun-loving, caring, college freshman. I love to learn new things, and I am studying to become a Biomedical Engineer. I want to research Deep Brain Stimulation surgery for Tourette's Syndrome. I also want to design new, more efficient medical equipment for disabled people. I happen to have a severe form of Tourette's Syndrome that can affect my mobility, requiring me to use crutches.

Kayleen van Rooyen

 by George Buch 9/24/15

Hi! My name is Kay and I am 21 years old. I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome also known as POTS. My illness prevents me from being able to stand up without fainting, basically I need to be horizontal to be feeling okay but I cannot live my life in bed all of the time so I rely on a wheelchair. I have a service dog named Paddington who has been trained to alert to seizures, syncope and PTSD flashbacks. He has changed my life dramatically and helps me so much. My mother has been a great supporter but unfortunately with all of the medical bills we are struggling to afford the basic things that will improve my quality of life. I am trying to be my own advocate and help out where I can. Thank you for reading this, I really appreciate it!

 Annamaria Starr-Ritchie

 by Rachel Golson 9/9/15


I am a soon to be 28 year old that loves life. I do my best to get around using my wheelchair, but sometimes the pain in my hands from pushing limit me. I am an auntie to 10 nieces and nephews 2 of which just moved close to me so id love to be able to take them to all the different places like the aquarium and multitude of zoos and museums. I am also a military wife and do my best to advocate for our veterans and their families. I also utilize a service dog and train dogs for free for our veterans that require/want to utilize the treatment a service dog can provide. I also love to spread awareness and inform people on service dogs in general and especially those used for invisible disabilities.


Tatyana Schneider

 Anonymous 8/24/15

I'm 21 years old, and I rely on my wheelchair after a receiving a Traumatic Brain Injury while playing field hockey. I am in my wheelchair mostly due to chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy, and seizures. My wheelchair has given me so much of my freedom back, but my hands are often covered in painful and peeling blisters, calluses, and bruises. It's nearly impossible to find a pair of gloves that works well with wheelchair use. At one point we were buying a new pair of gloves 3-4 times a month, but eventually I stopped trying as it was expensive and pointless. I would be so greatful if someone would be willing to sponsor a pair of these HandBands for me! I've tried to remain as athletic as possible, but it's difficult without good hand protection. With a pair, I'd finally be able to start taking my service dog on walks again, going back to the gym, and just get back to being more healthy and active in general. Thank you so much for reading this. :)

Elle Barnes Matt Burns and Crossfit Woodbury 7/23/15


My name is Elle, I was diagnosed with my first chronic illness when I was younger and the list just started getting longer and longer. All of my illnesses are incurable, and some are progressive and extremely painful. Due to some neurological illnesses, my balance is extremely messed up, making it so that I have to use a wheelchair now to get around. I've tried other gloves and none of them seem to work. They tend to wear out extremely fast and one even got caught in my wheel making it so that my finger got smashed as well. I would love to have my very own pair of handbands!

Michael Lee

 Matt Burns and Crossfit Woodbury 7/23/15

My name is Mike and I just turned 13. I love roller coasters, adaptive snow sports and pretty much anything thrilling or extreme. I also happen to have cerebral palsy, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, digestive tract paralysis and epilepsy among other conditions. This all makes my legs hurt badly and drains my energy very quickly making me reliant upon my chair. Because of my seizures I sometimes need to recline so I have a very heavy chair that does so. My mom pushes me when that happens but I want to be independent. Unfortunately the weight of my chair makes my hands sore. I've tried gloves but they don't work well for me. I would love to try some HandBands so I can push myself more easily. Thank you.

Matthew Matysek

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

My son is 17 years old and has been using a manual wheelchair for 4 years. He has a very tight right hand which causes him to push with the top of his hand. The Handband may help us to get his hand straightened out enough to push better. Please consider him for a sponsorship and thank you!

Kaitlyn Tincher

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

Hello, my name is Kaitlyn Tincher and I just recently turned 19 years old. I have Mitochondrial Disease, which causes progressive muscle weakness and frequent loss of feeling in my muscles, waist-down. I rely on wheelchair, and other mobility aids to function. I have a Golden Retriever who loves to go to the park and play fetch. I have high hopes that HandBand Pro handbands will help to reduce the blisters, cuts, and help to prevent rubbing my hands raw. Thank you SO SO much in advance and for the opportunity!

Kourtlyn Heinen

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

Kourtlyn is a 19 year d with spinabifida. She's a full time chair user. She is a senior in high school and involved in many extra curriculum activities.

Kyla Handshoe

  by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

I was in a serious car accident that left me paralyzed from the waste down at the age of 16. I did not let my disability stop me in any way. I managed to get m GED and graduated from college with an associate's degree in applied science in health information management. I plan on continuing my education to achieve my goal of getting my bachelors degree. I also love to be an inspiration to many and compete in wheelchair marathons annually. I am now 25 and have never loved life so much!!!

Eric L

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

Eric is a 13 year old middle schooler with Spina Bifida. He loves to play video games and baseball. Eric is very social and loves everyone. We love to take him outdoors as much as possible. His favorite places to go are to the Farmer's Market, fishing and to the sprinkler park.

Bryan Purifoy

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

i am 27 years old with cerebral palsy. I have a wonderful spouse who's name is LeeAnn. I am a huge fan of the Motown group the temptations. They even helped me ask my wife to marry me.

Kristina Borden

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

I've been paralyzed now a little over 4 years. I love music, my dog and spending time with those I care about. I fix computers and do a little web design as well as play musical instruments and writing music to keep my sanity. I have a very rare spinal cord disease named Arahnoiditis and with that I have unrelenting pain 24:7 all over my body. Prior to my injury I was very active in my church and served as worship leader for many years. Without music I would be lost in life as it provides me much peace and comfort. My dog is my best friend and we do everything together. He's an 11 year old Shih Tzu named Oreo that I've had since he was 8 weeks old. He's walked this Health journey with me every step of the way. He's the sweetest and most loyal dog and I'm so blessed to have him as living alone and not always feeling up to getting out everyday can get lonely. He's always by my side. Apart from all of the above I'm a techie at heart and love all and any electronics.

Robin Viland

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

I have SCA unknown(sporadic ataxia). I use a wheelchair when I am out and a walker when I am home. I have 2 children--girl 32 and boy--27. I currently live in Illinois but am planning a move to Arizona in the fall--the Illinois winters keep us so couped up that come spring we are so out of shape that our ataxia is worse. I currently live with my boyfriend of 7 years--he has an unknown ataxia too. We both have recumbant trikes that we love to ride--it gets us out and keeps us active. The best thing for ataxians is to keep active for as long as we can and we like to stay active where as some ataxians give up.

Melissa Lane

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

I'm a 30 year old mot her of 2. I rely on a wheelchair to get around. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3. It's a connective tissue disorder that causes widespread chronic pain and join dislocations as well as other issues. As of May 4th I'm paraplegic and we have yet to find a cause. Wheelchair gloves make my hands break out in rashes from the tags inside of them. I'm hoping to find something that makes gripping my rims easier.

Danielle Fenton

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

im 23 and my name is danielle in 4'6 and use a wheelchair

Emily Medina

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

When I was 13, I started stumbling, falling a lot, pretty much having trouble walking. I started going to doctors and by time time that I was 16, I had the diagnosis of Ataxia. Even now at 37, the doctors have not figured out what specific classification of Ataxia that I have. I think that probably, I have some new form that they are going to name after me. :)
I work at a local bank in town here and I also go to school part time. I do all this while using a walker. I have one of the u-step walker that is designed for people with neurological issues. I am also active with riding my bike- I even do RAGBRAI which is a week long bike ride across the entire state of Iowa.

George Martinez

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

Hi my name is George. I have been confined to a wheelchair for 16 years, after an automobile accident, where I broke my C7 vertebrate . I am a single father to an amazing 3 year little boy. I enjoy sports and all sorts of outdoor activities. I could really use these gloves. My hands get so dry and cracked and just plain nasty from the calluses that build up on my palms and fingers

Jarae Anderson

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

My name is Jarae Anderson and I'm 24 years old. I was in a car accident involving a drunk driver in 1997 that left me paralyzed. It wasn't my fault - I was only 7, but I lost my brother my aunt and two cousins. I currently live on my own I work at Goodwill and I'm trying to raise money for handicapped accessible vehicle to be more Pacific the Honda Pilot I'm also currently miss wheelchair South Carolina 2014. I love helping people and I enjoy travelling one day I hope to be a successful wheelchair model.

Amanda Wroten

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/22/15

I am an adaptive athlete with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Nerve Damage in my left leg. Although I would love to not have a disability it has given me the opportunity to experience things I would never have done as an able bodied person. I got in to mountaineering through my job with the Boy Scouts of America. I am a certified Cope and Climbing Instructor. I also teach soft skills at the American Mountain Guides Annual Meeting. I have three attempts of Mount Rainier and hope to summit and finish it in 2016. I have completed over 10 half marathons, 2 marathons, the 48.6 mile Dopey Challenge and a Tough Mudder and Triathlon on crutches(on the same weekend!). I Crossfit and compete in equestrian activities (hunter jumper, dressage, saddles eat) and trail ride.

Ray Wunschel

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/15/15

I have been a paraplegic since 1987. I have tried hundreds of different gloves. Not one that i have worn out and used again. I would love to try these.

Jasmine Bird

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/15/15

I am Jasmine's mom, and Jasmine has ehlers-danlos syndrome, dysautonomia, pots,gastroparesis, and muscular dystrophy 

We are currently on her make a wish trip.

Allison Waters 

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/15/15

I'm looking forward to loving life again. 

I'm a Veterinary Technician, I guess I'm retired now. A couple of years ago my spine shifted while lifting a sweet patient during an emergency. She made it, my back didn't, and I wouldn't have it any other way. She got to go home with her family, and continue to be a loving part of the family. I love animals, and working with them so much.
Sadly when my spine shifted, the pressure put on one of my vertebrae was too much, and it fractured. This lead to a Spinal Cord Injury. While I can technically walk, it's dangerous, and extremely painful to do so. Because the damage to my spine I have one leg that does what it likes, including causing me to fall frequently.
For over two years I've been a hermit. I couldn't go anywhere because I couldn't really walk. And sitting for very long is also quite painful, making doing much outside of laying down difficult. That's all changed now! I finally have been able to get my wheelchair! Freedom, and Independence are finally part of my life again.
However, I also have a rare condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or EDS. EDS causes me to make faulty collagen. This effects many aspects of my life, the most notable being that my joints are all very hypermobile . I dislocate 10-15 joints over the course of the day. So with my wheelchair I have to be careful, and anything that aids my pushing is a massive help. I've heard good things about your Handbands from other EDS patients, and believe they could be a huge help to me.
Now that I have my wheelchair I'm looking forward to getting back to my work in animal rescue, and hopefully figuring out how I might work as a Veterinary Technician again in some capacity. Most of all I'm looking forward to living again. To go to Art Galleries, the zoo, visiting dogs in the shelter, fostering dogs, and all the things that were part of the life that I loved.
I also want to thank in advance to anyone that might sponsor me. This is a huge gift! You'll be helping me to protect my wrists, elbows, and shoulders. It may sound odd that something so small could do that, but that little bit of grip will go a long way for my old joints. So thank you so much.

The picture is me, with 2 of my three dogs at the vet. Kona, a pit bull mix I adopted who is currently fighting, and winning the battle with an auto-immune disease, and Pixie my sweet little service dog (do you see her?). I also have Violet, another Pit Bull mix, and my kitty Goblin. They have been my constant source of love, and laughter the past couple of years. They gave me a reason to get up and fight everyday. When so many friends disappeared, my girls love me unconditionally.

 Mark Flounlacker

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/15/15

 I am a C4-5 quadriplegic (surfing) sometimes walker and wheelchair user. Big into adaptive sports and recreation. I play wheelchair lacrosse, ski (4-track), knee surf, and rehab to recover. Wife and two grown children.

Jason Pollock

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/15/15

I'm a 43 yr old male with a 4yr old son. I have always been very active outdoors, backpacking, canoeing. I served 10yrs in the Army. 2 yrs ago a tree fell on me leaving me paralyzed from the chest down. I stay positive and don't let my injury stop me from doing what I love.

Sarah Peitro

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/15/15


I was working as a paramedic when my ambulance rolled over. My L1 vertebrae burst leaving me an S1 paraplegic. I use crutches and a manual wheelchair as needed. I also try to stay fit and strength train. I have had difficulty finding something to protect my hands while training, using my crutches, and using my wheelchair. Would love to try this product.

Leslie Medina

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/15/15

I'm a single mom of two who was paralyzed by hit and run driver in 2001. I'm active attending my kids sporting and school events. My children were 5 years old and 18months at time of my accident. I was heading to work when the man ran a stop sign and broad sided my vehicle rolling me multiple times and ejecting me a 100 ft. He was driving on suspended liscence for DUI a month prior and had no insurance. After hitting me he fled scene dropping his personalized plate of truck. The highway patrol found truck later abonded and believe Mr. Castro was drunk at the time he hit me as beer cans were discovered in truck. They believe he fled to Mexico. I spent over a year in hospital not only fighting for my life but learning how to live in a wheelchair and be a mom still to my two young children. They are now young adults but I'm still trying to keep up with their sports and other school functions and to live a normal life. I believe the bands would be an incredible way to help protect my hands since they take so much abuse rolling all day. I would like to prevent blisters I sometimes get from long days rolling and if I'm outside in sun my push rims get hot. I think this would be a great and stylish way to protect my hands.

Darrius Miller

 by Anonymous Sponsor 6/15/15


I am paralyzed from the waist down.


 Shanae Heard 5/1/15

Selah is a 10 year-old paraplegic born with Spina Bifida and numerous other birth defects. She is a great student, just finishing up 4th grade. She is a full-time wheelchair user. She loves performing - singing, acting & dancing in her chair! She is a big sister to 2 & a little sister to 3. In other words, she's loved A LOT! She has been through so much andis an inspiration to everyone she meets.

Cole Roland

 Sheila Robinson 4/6/15

In October it will be 20 years since I began using a wheelchair. In that time I've gone through lots of equipment, especially gloves. I've tried everything trying to solve the problem of grip, dexterity and comfort. It's always been a compromise and I would really like a pair of HandBand. I think they may be the perfect solution and I love that they are washable. My friends are already saying good things about them.

When you have a disability the right equipment can change everything. If anyone would help, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Joseph Monteforte









 ANONYMOUS 5/17/15

Hello, I am a T-10 complete and have been in a wheelchair for eight years. It's a hard life change to family as well as myself. I was a runner before my accident and try know to adjust to a wheelchair life and be active.
Your shoulders and hands are really important to protect , so gloves like HandBands are a must for wheelchair and able body users.

Thierry Froger

 by Patti Mork 4/7/15

Hi, I'm quadriplegic since 2002 after a car accident. As I was very active before, I still try to practise a lot of different sports… Sometime it's a bit difficult because I don't have any hand function, thus I rely on my gloves to keep a grip if possible… I'm very interested in HandBand because their shape and their grip may help me to go far forward and faster I hope !!


Robert Pit

      Mandy Mennella 3/19/15

My name is Rob. I use a wheelchair full-time after having massive strokes 5 years ago caused by sepsis. Everyone said that I would have to use a powerchair, but I’ve worked really hard to be able to keep fit using an ultralight manual wheelchair. Because I have paralysis on one side, it’s really difficult to propel a wheelchair with one hand and I get a lot of blisters. I’m also a painter and sometimes the blisters make it difficult to paint. I think the HandBand Pro gloves would really help me because they are easy to put on, which most gloves are not.

 Mandie Zangora

 by Andrea Vann 3/16/15

Hi! I'm Mandie, I'm 23 and I have a lot of different medical conditions, including severe chronic pain, a heart condition that causes my heart rate to spike and blood pressure to plummet, chronic nausea, hormone deficiencies, and more. I just got my first ultra lightweight wheelchair, a purple quickie q7! I have been having a hard time with finding gloves because my hands don't fit right in most of them but the handband is so different and foolproof! I'm so excited for this!  So thank you in advance for whoever decides to sponsor me!

Kyle Morgan

  Anonymous 3/16/15

I became a quadriplegic 5 years ago after a motor vehicle accident. Pre injury I was very active and awaiting deployment to basic training for the U.S. Army. After my accident I didn't let that stop my drive and determination. I've continued to push myself harder and harder ever year. I've graduated from a full power chair to a manual chair. It took me 3 years but I did it. I stated the page iWheel to help others fighting to stay fit in wheel life.

Bobbie Sue Leonard


 Anonymous 3/6/15

I am a small town gal in SD who is turning 30 in April this year. I live with a genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that makes my tendons so loose my joints dislocate very easily. I only have a good day once in awhile. I use a walker, came and wheelchair weekly. It all depends on what dislocated and when. I'm use to hearing "you don't look sick" it's because I'm not, I was just born a zebra

 Mechelle Norris

 Emily Chapman 1/20/15

I'm 37 and have had MS since Oct. 2002. I have two kids. One boy, 14, and one girl, 13. I've been married for almost 19 years. My family and Faith is the only reason I'm still here.
Last year I did 2 5k's. The first one was with my son and twin. The second was with my son, daughter, twin and mom. I never thought I could do them in a wheelchair, but thanks to a friend I decided to try it. I love it and hope to do more this year.
My favorite color:*: Pink

Janice Silanpa

       Amber Faw 2/23/15 

A little about me:*: I was paralyzed in an accident in 06 and my right ankle was amputated. I stay positive n happy and love the packers!!i bake over 1000 cookies each xmas for gifts.
My favorite color:*: purple


  Elizabeth 1/22/15

A little about me:*: My name Ella and I'm 5 years old. I was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at the age of 2. I rely on my wheelchair as my legs everyday. I am smart, funny, out going, whit you, and so inspiring to those around me.
My favorite color:*: Pink



 Anonymous 3/6/15

A little about me:*: SuLe is 14 years old. She was adopted from China five years ago and is in the sixth grade. She can walk short distances, but relies on a wheelchair for activities that require prolonged walking--things like shopping, school field trips, or travel. She has been playing wheelchair basketball for four years now. Her team went to Nationals last year.
My favorite color:*: pink



This is an on-going sponsorship, and your sponsored donation will be added to gift baskets distributed to newly diagnosed/injured individuals in West Virginia.These baskets contain items to help make rehabilitation stays for people with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and strokes a little more comfortable. 

Asha, Inc. was founded in 2014, by Clifford "Junior" Robinson who sustained a C5-C6 spinal cord injury in 2005. Junior, along with his wife, developed Asha, Inc. to provide hope and support to West Virginians of all ages affected by paralysis or other mobility disorders. Asha, Inc. currently provides care baskets to newly diagnosed/injured individuals in local inpatient facilities.
                          Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AshaIncFounder

                          Twitter @ashafounder


Denise Reynaga

     Janice Silanpa 2/28/15

My favorite color:*: BLACK

Erica (Riki) Entz

  Danielle E. 1/21/15

A little about me:*: HI! My name is Riki and I became a wheelchair user about a year ago after an unknown neurological condition progressed to the point where walking didn't work anymore, even with my walker. I'm slowly starting to get back into the active life I thought I had left behind by playing wheelchair rugby (murderball)! I usually trash gloves incredibly fast, and since my grip isn't great, finding gloves that work (and last) is a constant challenge. These handbands look like the would actually grip in the right spots and be more comfortable to wear, which would be a huge difference for me!!
My favorite color:*: Purple

Jody Shiflett

 Shanae Heard 1/28/15

Director of Paralyzed Veterans Racing. Paralyzed in an US Army Airborne Operation in 1993.
My favorite color:*: Navy Blue

Rodolfo Diaz

     Bree Hager 2/13/15

A little about me:*: I'm a 31 year old wheelchair user, I played wheelchair basketball for 5 years and ran the 2001 NYC marathon.
My favorite color:*: Yellow
I'd like HandBand Pro® handbands with:*: Solid bright colors

Jackie Cragle

 Anonymous 3/6/15

A little about me:*: I'm Raka And deaf. I used asl and I can verbal....love animals and love o draw and paint....summer in fl can be very hot to wear my leg.... So I use my wheelchair most of time
My favorite color:*: Lime green
I'd like HandBand Pro® handbands with:*: Fun, bold colors and patterns

Paxton Moynihan

      Anonymous 3/6/15

A little about me:*: my name is Paxton. i'm 29 years old. i have spasic diplegia, ehlers danlos syndrome w/ secondary SBO on my s1 vertebrae, and an un-named muscle/metabolic illness, as well as being on the autism spectrum. i use a wheelchair at school and when i go out places. i'm currently a student at tunxis community college.
i have a lot of animals including my service dog, 2 pet dogs, 2 cats, a mouse, a turtle, 2 rabbits, and a leopard gecko.
i like to swim and surf, and i play golf for the west hartford special olympics. i used to play sled hockey but had to stop, and i hope to be able to play again some day. i also love to play video games, especially world of warcraft, diablo 3, and clash of clans. i play ukulele and cello.
My favorite color:*: navy blue
I'd like HandBand Pro® handbands with:*: Solid dark colors
I would like:*: Elite Petite (very small hands)


Jacob Badger 

 Annie Derouin

I'm 15 and have cp...I'm very active in my chair...i love the outdoors. ..fishing and hunting are my favorites
My favorite color:*: green

Rudy Fimbres

  Anonymous 1-9-15

A little about me:*: I am a 39 year old with Spina Bifida. I have tried many types of gloves to protect my hands daily as I use my wheelchair and I think these would be the fit for me. I am active with charities of different kinds. I believe in helping all causes.
My favorite color:*: Black

Rick Werry

 Anonymous 3/6/15


A little about me:*: Hi my name is Rick. I am a quadriplegic and have been in a wheelchair for six years. I love the outdoors everything from hunting, to biking to. I have a wife and two kids who are a handful but I love them very much. I am interested in using the handband pro because I go through about three pairs of crappy leather gloves a year.
My favorite color:*: Red/ Black
I'd like HandBand Pro® handbands with:*: Fun, bold colors and patterns
I would like:*: One Size Fits All

Karen Lohr

 Anonymous 3/6/15


A little about me:*:I'm 34 years old and have been using a manual wheelchair for 7 years. I'm a quadriplegic and my neck injury was caused by herniated discs pushing on the spinal cord. I also have a service dog who has changed my life. I work at a large university and wheel all over campus. I also play quad rugby (murderball), sledge hockey, and do adaptive water & snow skiing.

My favorite color:*:Blues & greens

I'd like HandBand Pro® handbands with:*:Fun, bold colors and patterns, Solid bright colors, Solid dark colorsI would like:*:One Size Fits All

Robert Eaton

      Kym Rivellini

A little about me:*: I am a head band director for a school in west Texas I have been on a wheelchair for a little over 9 years after having brain surgery , which left me paralyzed. I enjoy playing and teaching music and recently got married. We are looking forward to starting our family. These HandBands could help me be even more active in my manual chair and allow me to not have to worry about sores developing on my hands.
My favorite color:*: Red
I'd like HandBand Pro® handbands with:*: Solid dark colors
I would like:*: One Size Fits All


Alyssa Godin

 Anonymous 3/6/15

A little about me:*: Just recently injured last January, I have many problems with my legs including spasms and weakness. I use crutches frequently to get around but not always. I'm on Canada's national Paralympic sledge hockey team, and just finished second at the first ever world championships!
My favorite color:*: Pink or neon colors!
I'd like HandBand Pro® handbands with:*: Solid bright colors
I would like:*: One Size Fits All


 Jennifer Moore 1/21/15


A little about me:*: Ruby is almost 4 years old & is full of personality. She is warm & loving, smart, & loves to talk with people. She's living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy & kicks its butt every day.
My favorite color:*: pink!
I'd like HandBand Pro® handbands with:*: Solid bright colors
I would like:*: Elite Petite (very small hands)

Angelina Jojola

  Elise C 2/7/15

A little about me:*: I'm 2years into being a Quad. I'm the mom of 2 of the coolest kids ever. So I stay pretty active to keep up with my son Eddy who's 7 and my daughter who is 14. Since my car accident there has been a lot to learn being in a wheelchair. My kiddos are my pride and joy so I'm there at every school function, trips to the mall, field trips, and I've tried to teach them that even if I am in a wheelchair and things maybe a Lil different, we are still a strong family. I want them to be proud of me and for them to know anything is possible, wheelchair or no wheelchair. Laughter has been one of the things that have kept me going.


Karen Smith

 Anonymous 3/6/15

A little about me:*: I am the goalie for the USA Women's National Sled Hockey Team. My service dog Ginger and I find and take on challenges in life every day and love the adventure!
At 62 years of age I work out 5 days a week to keep in shape and maintain my position on the national team. We just recently returned from winning the inaugural Women's World cup in sled hockey bringing the gold medal home. These handbands would help me both in my workouts and in propelling my wheelchair and saving my hands as we work toward the 2018 Paralympics! Thank you for your consideration!
My favorite color:*: Blue/ Turquoise


Natasha Pomako

 Anonymous 3/6/15

A little about me:*: I'm a 25 year old, working as a Wellness Associate in the an all natural health food store. I have a chronic pain disorder, currently located waist down (it has the potential to spread), called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I use a fabulous wheelchair to help me get around and to lessen the pain I am in.
My favorite color:*: Purple
I'd like HandBand Pro® handbands with:*:

Fun, bold colors and patterns


Erin Gallegos

 James S. 2/7/15

A little about me:*: I was in a car wreck in 2004, broke my back and I am confined to a wheelchair now. I graduated high school in 2004. Got married in 2007. And just had my son in oct. 2013! I always struggle to not have hands that look nice and not manly. It is a pain in the summers especially to have full or even half gloves because of the heat. I love that this product is breathable and very stylish and cute for women!!!
My favorite color:*:

Hot Pink


Destiny Dyer

 Anonymous 1/9/15

hi my name is destiny dyer. im 21 years old, i have osteogenesis imperfecta which is also known as brittle bones. when i was born i had over 26 broken bones and fractures when i was born, we stopped counting how many broken bones i had around 5 and then i was up to 100 breaks. i use a manual chair at home and for short periods in public. i have looked often for small gloves to fit me but because i have such small hands that is hard to do! right now my hands get sore and turn black from pushing my chair by myself. I own my own business and make trips to doctors alot so it requres me to shop and be in public quit a bit! the main reason i use a manual chair is for the excersise and to stay healthy! i also do have a youtube channel:www.youtube.com/thedestinydyer
My favorite color:*: Pink!