How to Size and Adjust Your HandBand Pro® Cable Speed Rope How to Size and Adjust Your HandBand Pro® Cable Speed Rope

How to Size and Adjust Your HandBand Pro® Cable Speed Rope

How To Size The Jump Rope For Maximum Performance

  • Place one foot into the middle of the jump rope
  • Pull the cable straight up alongside your body and remove all the slack in the rope


Note: Do not pull by the handles. Pull by the cable, right below the handles. Also make sure you pull the cable straight up. The cable should not be crossing your body.


c. The optimum length would be for both cable ends to land at the level of the bottom of your armpit (mark that spot—this is where you will trim your cable). If the cable lands higher than that, the rope will need to be trimmed.


Note: It is advisable to adjust the rope at first without trimming the cable. Once comfortable with the length as you test out the rope, you can go ahead and trim it so that the loose ends don’t get in the way.


  • If the jump rope slaps out in front of you while using it, then the rope is still too long. You want it to barely touch the floor but not so much that it slaps the floor in front of you.
  • For double unders, the rope should be shorter. Experiment to see what works for you before trimming the rope.

How To Trim The Cable

  • Before trimming the cable at the marked spot, loosen the screw from one side only (which will make the clasp slide down) and pull the end cap off the cable.

  • As you keep your foot on the bottom of the rope, the end with the cap should be at the same level as the bottom of your armpit while the end with no cap will be higher.


  • Bring the clasp up to where your marked spot is (if you have not marked that spot, just use your finger to remind yourself where you need to trim the cable) and tighten it a little bit.

  •  Grab a pair of wire snipers and clip the cable right on top of the clasp.


Note: Do not try to use scissors as it might ruin them. The cable is really tough. 


  • Tighten the nut and put the end cap back on. It’s important that you place the end cap on the cut cable to ensure that the cable will not scratch you.

Note: It’s best to use a screw driver or pliers to tighten the clasps on both sides to make sure they will not become loose or fall off while using it. Check the screws each time you are ready to use the rope to make sure they are still tight

How to store the jump rope for maximum performance

  • The rope will perform best if stored stretched out instead of curled up. Keep it lying loosely in your gym bag or hanging over a hook.
  • It is not recommended to use the rope on abrasive surfaces as it will wear out the plastic sleeve and eventually the cable.