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Crossfit Gloves Have Evolved!

HandBand Pro® revolutionized Crossfit hand protection in 2014 with the Original HandBand Pro®!


Created for increased grip and ultimate comfort, they are still the first and only gloves to PREVENT blisters and rips and offer total hand freedom.


Now with FOUR Exclusive Designs, HandBand Pro® is the LEADER in Effective and Functional Hand Protection.

HandBand Pro® grips are simple, one-piece designs that are fast and easy to put on and take off - without anything to attach.



Traditional, full-coverage gloves bunch up and trap sweat, softening and pinching the skin, causing blisters and rips - and downtime.

Sticky athletic tape binds and restricts movement, and they don't absorb sweat or hold up to tough workouts.

Chalk? Sure, it absorbs sweat, but it creates even more friction between you and the bar.


Why compromise your grip or your performance? Hard work is required - but ripped hands? OPTIONAL. 

Intact skin is the most important barrier of protection you have against microorganisms. A break in the skin can allow direct exposure of your body to germs that cause illness and infection.

HandBand Pro® not only protects your hands from blistering and ripping, but it also creates a barrier between your hands and the equipment you share with others.


Are you tired of bulky, sweat-trapping gloves, sticky tape and messy chalk?
Our breathable, high-performance, antimicrobial bands offer total hand freedom and a natural grip just where you need it so that you can focus on what's important - results.


Barbara Kiersz  Verified Buyer

on Feb 03, 2017

I have ripped my hands multiple times with the other brands, or they don't fit well (generally too large), or they are uncomfortable to wear during a WOD. 
With HandBandPro, I wrap it around my wrist and can move the grip piece back and forth as I need it during the WOD in just a few seconds. 
I LOVE the HandBandPro and recommend it to my fellow crossfitters constantly, and I recommend it to YOU!

Best Hand Grips

Stacy Lester  Verified Buyer

on Aug 12, 2016

I have a giant workout bag full of all kinds of gym gear and gadgets.I have more than one of everything as well. You know, you buy something to try and its ok, but not exactly what you wanted so you try another thing... Well, I used to have several different types of hand grips as well, until handband pro!! The other hand grips were ok, but not quite right. The handband pros are great!! I've used them for toes-to-barr, pull-ups, barbell work everything and love them! There are so many variations of ways to wear them I'm still finding which I like best. You won't have to make room in your gym bag for the handband pros because you'll be able to toss all the other grips you have. Plus, Danielle has been exceptional with regards to service. I was concerned about the pros being too large for my hands and she was very helpful in letting me know how adjustable they are and honest about the petites being quite small. Everytime I wear them I get funny looks because they aren't like other grips, and questions about them and many people want to test them out. I tell anyone asking that handband pros are the way to go!!

Love these!

Kayla Fox  Verified Buyer

on Aug 07, 2016

Bought these but was still skeptical. The day I got them in the mail, I didn't wear them during CF class because I didn't have time to practice with them and I have a hard time gripping the bar as it is due to my small hands. That class I ripped both hands. I was so mad at myself for that so I decided I was going to practice with them and use them. I used them over top of the rips and was amazed at how well they worked! These handbands are a great investment!

Very Impressed!

Markus Goess-Saurau  Verified Buyer

on Jul 30, 2016

Hi Danielle,

I use my handband 5 days a week (since Jan) and apart from being slightly dirty they are still in perfect condition. Very impressed!

It's safe to say that they've saved my hands!

Thank you for the innovation!!

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Say good-bye to gloves, tape, pads and chalk, and seriously - say goodbye to ripped hands!


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