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  • How do HandBand Pro compare to gloves?

HandBand Pro® are very different from gloves and anything else you may have tried before. Your hands will have total freedom, unlike tight-fitting gloves that trap moisture and bunch up. The biggest difference is that HandBand Pro® PREVENTS blisters and rips. Gloves just don't.

There may be a bit of adjustment to using HBPs, especially if you're used to tight-fitting gloves or tape or nothing at all on your hands. The idea is to have as little interference with the bar as possible. HandBand Pro® offers an unrestrictive, natural grip. Once you've got the hang of using them, they become second nature and feel like nothing at all on your hands. Click here are some quick tip videos!   

  • Can HandBand Pro® be worn in CrossFit competitions and in the CrossFit Games?

Yep! Here's the response from Steve Weiss at Crossfit (October 2015): "As it stands now, CrossFit Games participants could use your product. We would not necessarily provide it to them or require them to use your product or a competitor's product. The competitors decide what they want to use."

  • How do I determine the size I need? 

HandBand Pro® OFFICIAL size fit most hands. If you have smaller hands, give them an extra twist - larger hands, twist less. They really don't need to be very tight on your hands to be effective. It's more important to have good hand placement on the bar and a strong grip. For very small hands (significantly less than 2 inches wide between crook of thumb and base of pointer finger), we offer ELITE PETITE.

  • Why are there slits on HandBand Pro® 

Those are finger slits. Think of them like you do training wheels on a bike. Just like training wheels are not necessary for the bike to fully function, the finger slits do not need to be used to gain the full benefits of HandBand Pro®. Because HandBand Pro® are so different from everything out there, you may want to use one finger in a slit on each band until you are comfortable with them and get how they work. Just use one finger. If you put two fingers through, you'll create a large gap between the band and your hand and that just won't do. See how to customize them here!

  • To be honest; i am skeptical to try it. Will it constantly move if you're doing an inconsistent movement like kipping pull ups?

I certainly understand your skepticism. If you haven't read my story, I've tried everything out there to protect my hands and offer a grip - specifically for kipping pull ups. They work. That's not to say there may not be a slight learning curve once you get them. They are very different from gloves and tape and everything else, so it may take you a week or more to get them to feel like second nature to you - but most people get it right away! 

  • I ordered a pair of of the OFFICIAL size, but I think I want the smaller size instead. Can I do an exchange?

Our Official Size fit most hands, and they are extremely effective when worn correctly - even for smaller hands. But of course we will be happy to exchange them for you if you feel they don't fit right.  Get in touch with us at support@handbandpro.com and we'll make sure you get the size you need!

  • How thick is the material? I like to feel the bar and I don't like gloves because they are so thick.

The thickness of the material on all of our HandBand Pro® and HandBand Pro® ALPHA Low Profile grips is just 2 mm - just enough to hold the grip where you need it.

The thickness of the HandBand Pro® OMEGA is adjustable - 2mm or 4mm!

The thickness of the HandBand Pro® V3 is 4mm.

See how all 4 HandBand Pro® Grips Compare!

  • Do the HandBand Pro® original bunch up or roll? 

No, they don't! Not when worn they're correctly. You'll want to put just one finger through the finger slits, and good hand placement on the bar is key. Check out the hands on the bar in this video. 

  • How are you different from the 'Natural Grip'?

HandBand Pro® are completely different from every other type of workout glove, pad, and tape grip on the market. All 4 of our HandBand Pro® grips PREVENT blisters and rips and offer a natural grip with total hand freedom and comfort.

HBPs are extremely durable, lasting a year on average, and they are clean and green. Just throw them in the wash!

  • I've tried the hand bands once for pull ups and toe to bar and I'm slipping off the bar.  Do I need to make them tighter?

Don't give up after one try! HandBand Pro® original are very unlike gloves, pads, tape, and everything else out there, so there may be a just a bit of getting used to. The idea is to have as little interference with the bar as possible. They don't need to be very tight for them to be effective, but good hand placement on the bar helps, and so does a strong grip.

Sometimes it takes just a bit to get accustomed to how the handbands work and feel - especially if you're used to a raw grip. That being said, I wouldn't just throw them on and start competing in them. You need to work with them on a few workouts to get comfortable using them and they become second nature to you. For most people it doesn't take more than a week or so. 

Another tip - be sure to wash your hands real well (with a non-moisturizing soap) to remove any oils or lotions from your hands before you put on your HandBand Pro® handbands. Our HBP Hand Sanitizer is a great way to quickly remove oily residue from your hands before your workout.

  • What's the difference between all your grips? 

See our HandBand Pro® Comparison Chart here!

  • The V3 look thicker than the original ones. Is the part on your palm neoprene or is it stretchy fabric?
HandBand Pro® original are 2mm in thickness,  and the V3 are 4 mm in thickness. We chose neoprene for V3 as it offers a bit more structure for the wrist support. Because of this, it will have a different feel from our HandBand Pro®, but still super comfy!
  • Where are you located? 

    HandBand Pro® is located in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA.                         

    • I was wondering how long these will last with daily WODs? I purchased (another brand) grips and they fell apart right away. These look sturdier but just wanted to see if anyone has complaints about tearing the material.

    Based on feedback from our customers, the average lifespan is 1 year. We used our prototypes 6 days a week for 9 months before the grip started coming unstitched. Even with some stitching missing, we still used them for another 2 months.

    We use quality materials and guarantee our craftsmanship. If, within 14 days or receiving them, you find that your HandBand Pro® are defective (the main center seam has come apart, or the grip has come away from the band), we will replace them for you. We know they will last much, much, much longer than this, but it really depends on how much abuse they get, and that's an individual thing. 

    • Are these machine washable?

    They sure are, but keep in mind that they are like socks in the machine. Sometimes only one will come out! Use a mini mesh bag or laundry bag to keep them together in the washing machine. However, hand washing is recommended. Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent (Oxyclean is awesome) and lay flat to dry

    • I want a mismatched pair, but I want to choose the two colors. Why can't I?

    Occasionally during quality control, we find a defective band that we can not sell. Then we're left with a lonely band without a match! So the answer to this question is that it really just depends on what we have in stock, and this always varies. (More honest answer: We are too lazy to constantly change the product photos for the mismatched pairs!)

    We do promise to send you a pair of awesome colors that totally clash, though, and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised! Who doesn't like surprises?

    • Are the HandBand Pro® vegan? 

    Yes. HandBand Pro® are not made with any animal products. 

    • How/When should I use the RIP Balm?
    The best time to use the RIP Balm is after a shower and after you scrape down your calluses - or any time during day you want to soften up your hands. The best time NOT to use it is before or during your workout! Be sure to wash it off completely with a non-moisturizing soap before you exercise.
    • How much is shipping and when will I get my order? 

    We ship all orders within 24 hours via USPS First Class and Priority, and SAME day when we receive your order by 1:00 PM EST.

    Once in transit, we'll keep you updated until it's delivered to your mailbox!

    USPS First Class: Transit time 3-6 days - from $2.61 (based on weight)

    USPS Priority Mail: Transit time 1-3 days - $6.40 Flat Rate (up to 1 lb.)

    > 1 lb. beginning $6.95 

    * Please note: The shipping speed noted above is provided by USPS, and it is an estimate that begins when your order is shipped (not the moment your order is placed). USPS has been a fast and reliable shipping service, but we can not guarantee the shipping times as we have no control over the USPS delivery schedule. You will receive tracking information when your package is ready for shipment, and we will keep you updated every step of the way until it reaches your mailbox. Be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for the information to update on the USPS website once your tracking number is issued.  

    •  I have had a pair of your Handbands for about a year. I love them, but in the past two weeks the grippy part is coming off of the band. I didn’t know if you guys had a replacement program, or warranty of some kind. I can send a picture if you want.

    Woo hoo! You've used them for a year! I'm so happy you love them! The grip coming apart after a year of use is to be expected. I wish we could make them last forever, but...

    • Do you offer special pricing to Teams or Groups?

    Yes! We offer Quantity Pricing for teams and boxes.

    • Do you accept returns and issue refunds? 

    Yes, most definitely! We want you to love your HandBand Pro® handbands! See our Returns/Exchange Policy for more information.

    • I love HandBand Pro®! Can I write a review?

    We love to hear from people who use and love HandBand Pro®! You may even win a FREE pair just for letting us know what you think! Click here to submit a review. Just scroll down to the reviews box. Thank you!

    • Do you support fundraisers?

    Yes, we do! We suggest getting Crossfit competition requests in as early as possible in order to be considered. We will do our best to respond to each inquiry, but it could take a while. We get a ton of requests. Please email info@handbandpro.com with your request.

    • I LOVE HANDBAND PRO!!! How can I become a sponsored athlete?

    Yay! We love you, too! We receive multiple requests every day for free samples in exchange for promotion of our brand, but all of the reviews of our products are from real people who love genuinely love HandBand Pro®. 

    We offer sponsorships to 15 individuals a year, and we usually find them because they are already shouting out about HandBand Pro® on Instagram and Facebook!

    • How do I contact you? 

    Click the CHAT button at the bottom of the screen for live help!

    HandBand Pro® 

    4160 Catalpha Avenue

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

    Phone/TEXT: (561) 596-2775

    Email: support@handbandpro.com

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