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Best Gloves for Crossfit


HandBand Pro® designed the best gloves for Crossfit in 2014 with the creation of the

ORIGINAL HandBand Pro®!





Now with FIVE Exclusive Designs, HandBand Pro® is the LEADER in Functional and Effective Hand Protection.

Created for increased grip and ultimate comfort, they are the first and only fitness grips to PREVENT blisters and rips and offer total hand freedom.


HandBand Pro® grips are simple, one-piece designs that are fast and easy to put on and take off - without anything to attach. And they PREVENT blisters and rips!


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Traditional, full-coverage workout gloves bunch up and trap sweat, softening and pinching the skin, causing blisters and rips - and downtime.

Sticky athletic tape binds and restricts movement, and they don't absorb sweat or hold up to tough workouts.

Chalk? Sure, it absorbs sweat, but it creates even more friction between you and the bar. Friction creates blisters.

 Why compromise your grip or your performance? Hard work is required - but ripped hands?


Intact skin is the most important barrier of protection you have against microorganisms. A break in the skin can allow direct exposure of your body to germs that cause illness and infection.

HandBand Pro® not only protects your hands from blistering and ripping, but it also creates a barrier between your hands and the equipment you share with others.

Are you tired of bulky, sweat-trapping gloves, sticky tape and messy chalk?

Our breathable, high-performance, antimicrobial bands offer total hand freedom and a natural grip just where you need it so that you can focus on what's important - results.




Say good-bye to gloves, tape, pads and chalk, and seriously - say goodbye to ripped hands! Shop the best gloves for Crossfit and Never. Rip. Again.

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HandBand Pro Original product - patent pending