How to WIN at Rowing - Row-Pro® Rower Seat Pad How to WIN at Rowing - Row-Pro® Rower Seat Pad – HandBand Pro®
How to WIN at Rowing

How to WIN at Rowing

It's a 4 Rounds for Time WOD of 750 M Row, 25 Burpees, 25 push ups, 25 pull-ups, and 25 squats. Fun! There are more people than rowers, so some start on the rowers, and some start on burpees. I get to do burpees first. Hooray. It all goes well until I get to the only open rower.

WAIT. WHO SWEATS THIS MUCH? It was only the first 750 meters! Am I the only one that sees this? Am I the only one that is bothered? Did I get the only sweaty seat here? I look around and it appears that the answer to all three questions is YES. So I sit down, strap my feet in and cringe inside as I tell myseIf I can't be the only one. I row the first 500 meters and I've forgotten about the sweat I'm sitting on because now my focus is on the bones in my butt that are pressing into the relentlessly hard plastic seat. Ok. Enough whining.

Long story short - I needed a solution. There wasn't one. If you've read my story of how HandBand Pro® came about, you won't be surprised to hear that the inspiration for this idea came to me in a similar way. 


Row-Pro®. It's a simple, portable product that will make a lot of people really happy. Germaphobes. It will make a lot of germaphobes happy. I am happy. It's a non-slip, moisture-absorbing rower seat pad that greatly reduces pressure, increases comfort, and provides a hygienic barrier between you and the unforgiving rower seat.

Simply place it on the seat just before you sit to row...and sweat. You'll leave the seat sweat-free and ready for the next rower, who will likely love you for using it. The pad contours to the shape of the seat (Concept, or any other rower or cycle seat) and stays in place without any attachments, fuss, or permanence. 


  • COMFORT. We all know how uncomfortable the hard plastic seats on rowers can be, but pressure on the glutes and hamstrings can begin to hurt your sitting bones as well as cut off blood flow to your rear, sometimes causing pain or numbness. Row-Pro® decreases the pressure on your rear and increases the comfort and productivity of your row. 
  • HYGIENE. If you haven't thought of butt sweat before now, I apologize. Many people who exercise at gyms and boxes carry a hand towel as they work out. They use it to wipe down exercise bars, the seats on rowing machines, etc. This is not effective for preventing infection. It only removes sweat/moisture left by the previous user — it does not eliminate microbes and can, in fact, transfer them to other surfaces.
  • PORTABILITY. Toss it in your gym bag. Place it on the rower seat or whatever equipment you sit on at the box or gym - there's nothing to attach.
  • VERSATILITY. Besides rowing, athletes use Row Pro® for handstand push ups, lunges, ab work on the floor, and we've even heard of them being used on the neck for the bar for heavy squats! 
  • CLEAN AND GREEN. After use, lightly spray with antimicrobial spray and allow to dry. For a deeper clean, simply rub a little detergent and water onto the fabric side, or spray with a little OxyClean and rinse. Air dry, and you're good to go!


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