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A Fork in the Road of Happiness

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A Fork in the Road of Happiness

Years ago I wasn't in the best shape and it doesn't take much effort to be comfortable. It takes that one picture to see yourself at the fork in the road of happiness. I took the easy path not realizing how hard it would get as I journeyed on. It took me a few more years to back track and find the path that I should have taken in the 1st place.
Sure it as difficult to climb and I fell several times. But when you're at the top, the view is amazing! #tbt #throwbackhardworkthursday #thehardclimb #dfq #thereisnowishingwellhere #icommandyoutogrow #finishwhatyoustarted #muhlfit #muhlcustoms #spartanrace #gymbeast #rtlife
My name is David L Llacuna. By profession I'm a respiratory therapist of 20 plus years, a gym rat as well as a recreational shooter that trains, and an NRA Range Safety Officer. Let me also add that. . .Happiness is a journey, and not a destination. . .and it has certainly been a journey for me and continues to be on going. Life catches up and surpasses you without you knowing it and we can get caught up being too comfortable taking our youth for granted.
At age 42, I finally learn how to juggle three kids, a wife, a mortgage and work to strive for a better me and it took a detour of life to forget how fast your own personal health can be affected. It takes brutal truth with that one family picture, that glimpse of yourself trying on new clothes, that moment when you realize that most of your clothes no longer fits you.

Sure you decide to get a gym membership, try those workout DVD's, or enroll in food program, but none of that will work unless you . . .DECIDE and turn on that switch. You decide that you are not happy where you are at. You decide that you NEED to change so much more than you want to breathe.

At age 36 I tipped over 200 pounds, I noticed my joints starting to ache, my toes start to numb up a little. My waist size was getting bigger, my clothes approaching XL. I was not happy. My daughter saw my belly hanging out from my shirt and she said, "Daddy, you have a big drum," and started to beat on it saying, "Boom. . .Boom. . . Boom." I smiled on the outside, but the inside I was crushed.

My journey began that day with steep endless climbs, obstacles, distractions and excuses. A lot of times a wanted to quit and go back to unhealthy habits. But I had an anchor to "why" I'm busting my ass in the 1st place. It's that "Why" I got back up and hit the wall until it fell down. I didn't stop climbing the steepest hills. I did not avoid the obstacles. I went right through my distractions. I had no more excuses to become a newer me.

It takes hard work to get to the top and the view is incredible. I put up videos and pictures in hopes to inspire people to get out to be a better you. To remind them that they are not alone. To be a healthier you, you must have the right attitude and recognize its a three legged stole. You must work hard for it, eat clean, and supplement.

Along the way you find the right tools to help you get there. One of those tools is the HandBand Pro. In the past I workout so hard that I could not lift a certain easy weight because of the pain on my hands. I don't like wearing gloves, because I wanted my hands to breathe. I had straps before, but they took away some of the grip effort I need to build on.

One day, I saw a post on FaceBook on the HandBand Pro® and decided to give them a try. What a relief! I can concentrate more on what I need to do. As much as I sweat, my hands didn't feel claustrophobic. I had the grip I needed, when I need it, and where I need it. I'm very satisfied with the performance so much that I started wearing them during my firearm training sessions and I discovered they work just as great on the range as in the gym.

It brings me great pleasure and honor to be a Sponsored HandBand Pro® Athlete. I consider myself a regular guy and would have never thought that would some day be in this position. I look forward to sharing my journey to inspire other regular people to be above normal. Thank you HandBand Pro®.
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