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How to Prevent Ripped Hands

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How to Prevent Ripped Hands

A post on Facebook the other day:

Is it weird that I'm proud of this?

It’s probably safe to say that most CrossFitters feel proud the first few times we rip our hands because it shows we worked through a grueling WOD and didn’t let anything stop us - especially if we’ve  worked for months to get those kipping pull ups and can now crank them out.

After that, however, it gets annoying; the pain, the risk of infection, and trying to get our hands to heal quickly because we know we’ll be doing those pull ups again very soon.

There are many compelling reasons to keep our skin intact, though. Here are just a few:

  •  It HURTS!
  • We don’t want anyone else’s ripped up hands on the same bar we’re using (think MRSA), and they don’t want our bloody hands on them, either.
  • It slows down our training

 Hands are prone to ripping for a few good reasons: 

  1. The skin on our hands is soft without any callus buildup
  2. We have too much callus build up on our hands
  3. Chalk is drying out our skin because we are using it to prevent slippage from our sweaty hands

Slipping on the bar causes friction, and friction causes blisters to form and rip, and it also causes our bumpy rough calluses to tear once they soften with sweat. We don’t have to rip our hands.  We SHOULDN’T rip our hands. Rips can be prevented.


They are our friend. We need that layer of tough skin to protect our hands during work. Working hard will build up calluses over time, and that’s a good thing, but too much callus buildup is not because the uneven and rough skin is more prone to tearing with friction. It’s a good idea to keep our calluses smooth and our hands clean and moisturized to prevent injury from tears.  

The best way to take care of calluses:

  1. When your hands are completely dry, use a pumice stone to smooth the calluses down a bit. Don’t overdo it on the pumice stone. This could make your hands sore during your workout.
  2. Use cuticle nippers to clip the raised, thicker areas of the callus right after a shower when the skin is softened.
  3. Keep your hands clean and moisturized. A great hand care product to help heal up your hands and then to use for hand maintenance is RIP Balm. This balm contains 
    • Soybean, Sunflower, and Jojoba Oils 
    • Cocoa and Shea Butter
    • Beeswax 
    • Vitamin E
    • Aloe Vera
    • Peppermint Essential Oil  

So yes, we need calluses to protect our hands, and we should take proper care to prevent further injury, but now there is also a way for us to protect our hands from the slipping that causes friction in the first place during our workouts. 

The First and Only Fitness Grip to PREVENT Blister and Rips with Total Hand Freedom.

Many of us who have used gloves, athletic tape, thick grip pads and chalk and still slipped, blistered and ripped, gave up altogether on finding anything that actually worked to protect our hands. We resigned ourselves to the fact that ripped hands are just a part of life. However, there is a solution - HandBand Pro® handbands increase grip, reduce friction, and offer  total hand freedom while preventing blisters and rips. You never have to rip. Ever. Again.


  • soft fabric against the skin - rugged grip against the bar - the very slight movement between the two greatly reduces friction that causes rips and tears
  • incredibly rugged material on palm gives the right amount of grip - yet the feeling of almost nothing there
  • unlike tape that is restrictive and gets tighter as you workout, HandBand Pro® handbands move with you with comfortable, 4-way stretch fabric
  • moisture- absorbing fabric - say goodbye to chalk!
  • unlike gloves that bunch up at the callus line, HandBand Pro® handbands feel like nothing is in the way of the bar
  • adjustable for the perfect custom fit 
  • simple one piece design - no taping, nothing to attach
  • assists your grip so hands don't fatigue as easily
  • provides a barrier between you and the bar (from those bleeders who refuse to care for their calluses)
  • the only total hand freedom solution so that your focus is on what matters - results.

Protecting our hands during and after the workout with HandBand Pro® handbands and proper callus care will go a long way to help you achieve your fitness goals, and speaking of long term, HandBand Pro® last one year, on average! That's awesome protection for 8 cents a day!


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